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Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO

Fiverr Scam Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEO

Fiverr ScamĀ  FullTimeSEO

Fiverr Scam Buy a Level 2

Image of fulltimeseo contemplating his next scam

Is Fiverr becoming a scam harbor? Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is going to try and answer this question for us. FullTimeSEO is a seller on Fiverr that I had the unfortunate luck of hiring him to provide what Fiverr calls a gig. Just another name for job, project, or a task.

I’ve outlined everydays events in this blog. It’s lengthy and I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the facts so you could decide for yourself if Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is in fact a scam or not.

I have been a member of Fiverr for well over a year. I’ve had some learning curves in the beginning on how to choose the right seller for the right gig I was trying to do. And I have always looked for honesty which is vital in a business transaction. Fiverr made it easy with their transcript that followed every order, step by step.There was never the ability of hiding the truth when it was all written down in plan sight for all to see.

During my period with Fiverr I have meet some very intelligent people and learned a lot about choosing the proper sellers for all my gigs. Life was good at Fiverr and would seemed to stay so for all times I had thought.

But that all changed in the last week when unfortunately I had hired the wrong seller who goes by the handle fulltimeseo in a gig I needed. I had used him twice before and even given fulltimeseo 5 stars for his services on both occasions. However, this time around fulltimeseo seemed out of his element in the gig I hired him for. I had paid extra for some new add on’s to the normal gig in which he started showing difficulties in performing from the start.

The first sign was asking for an extension of time.
Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEOfulltimeseo
There was a big update yesterday from YT, all views providers were affected, so delivery of views could take a little bit longer than expected.

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