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Fiverr Multiple User Scam

Fiverr ScamFiverr ScamFiverr Multiple User Scam

Fiverr Multiple User Scam is basically about users utilizing multiple accounts to achieve greater sales. We uncovered one such seller, called fulltimeseo.

But first the good news. Justice does prevail at times for does of us that march on. Fiverr came to it’s senses after being told an FTC complaint would be filed against them in allowing Sellers that have been exposed to utilizing scamming practice.
When Fiverr read that notice on the Support Ticket, things starting moving in the proper direction as it should have over a week ago when the scammer was brought to their attention.
I had received an apology letter from Fiverr outlining that the manager who refused to investigate the scammers practice and virtually calling me the problem and falsely making claims against one of their money making machines had been dealt with in a proper manner in house.

Fiverr Supports ScamFiverr Multiple User Scam – If by chance you submit a support ticket and this image of the support representative shows up, RUN! Or ask immediately for another support representative to help you out. Mention you read about my experience in this blog and you don’t feel he’s qualified in helping customers with their issues. If you missed the article, go here: Fiverr Supports Scam


Fiverr had said they were going to credit all the funds I paid into the gig and hoped it was now satisfa

Fiverr Scam Buying Level 2

Fiverr ScamFiverr ScamFiverr Scam Buying Level 2

How a Seller was able to Buy his Level 2 Status on Fiverr

Fiverr Scam Buying Level 2 – We all know how difficult it can be selling on Fiverr when starting off. You’re at the bottom of the totem pole of everyone else’s gig’s. It might seem almost impossible at times in making any sales at all. You’re hindered with lots of restrictions at the beginning so that you can prove yourself worthy in the Fiverr community. It only seems fair because everyone went through it and those that stuck it out, may have a thriving business.

Fiverr Scam Buying Level 2 – The sad fact is that most individuals who start off at Fiverr fail within this entry level. This is where you either make it or break it in most cases. And that’s because the competition, the levels 1’s and the level’s 2 are getting all of the attention in most cases. In fact, Fiverr claims level 1 receives around 1.5-2.5 times more traffic than the entry level seller. And a level 2 seller receives 4-5 times the traffic amount you’ll be seeing at entry level. I also read someplace recent that the average sales on Fiverr is about $12. With those statistic’s it’s no wonder that an entry level seller who might be able to sell 10 gig’s a month equaling $120 of revenue might be a little discourage after a few months. Where a level 2 seller seeing 5 times the traffic would be making $600 on average with the stats I just listed. I’m going to neglect the Fiverr percentage here just to keep it simple. Not too bad for a part time job. But a level 2 seller has far more abilities in revenues than this with the perks you get from Fiver as a level 2 seller. So this example is on the low end and the norm might be 2 to 3 times this amount in revenues, meaning between $1200 – $1800. That is substantial compared to what an entry level seller makes. But what if you could skip this entry level stage and move right along to the second Level? Level 2. Wouldn’t that be a game changer for you?

Fiverr Scam Buying Level 2 – With those types of figures and the ability to obtaining that kind of wealth with basically no investment on your part is a big draw for most people. And achieving a level 2 status is the ultimate goal for most people. I haven’t seen any figures that gives the average time frame in achieving a level 2 status on Fiverr. But I’m guessing it’s close to a year from the sellers I’ve watched grow up in Fiverr. And if that is the case, what would you be willing to pay in order to getting your level 2 status in 2 months?

I’ll show you how one seller did it and paid less than $55 in doing so. It’s easy, and takes 30 seconds a day on average to accomplish your level 2 status to earning big bucks.

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Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO

Fiverr Scam Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEO

Fiverr ScamĀ  FullTimeSEO

Fiverr Scam Buy a Level 2

Image of fulltimeseo contemplating his next scam

Is Fiverr becoming a scam harbor? Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is going to try and answer this question for us. FullTimeSEO is a seller on Fiverr that I had the unfortunate luck of hiring him to provide what Fiverr calls a gig. Just another name for job, project, or a task.

I’ve outlined everydays events in this blog. It’s lengthy and I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the facts so you could decide for yourself if Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is in fact a scam or not.

I have been a member of Fiverr for well over a year. I’ve had some learning curves in the beginning on how to choose the right seller for the right gig I was trying to do. And I have always looked for honesty which is vital in a business transaction. Fiverr made it easy with their transcript that followed every order, step by step.There was never the ability of hiding the truth when it was all written down in plan sight for all to see.

During my period with Fiverr I have meet some very intelligent people and learned a lot about choosing the proper sellers for all my gigs. Life was good at Fiverr and would seemed to stay so for all times I had thought.

But that all changed in the last week when unfortunately I had hired the wrong seller who goes by the handle fulltimeseo in a gig I needed. I had used him twice before and even given fulltimeseo 5 stars for his services on both occasions. However, this time around fulltimeseo seemed out of his element in the gig I hired him for. I had paid extra for some new add on’s to the normal gig in which he started showing difficulties in performing from the start.

The first sign was asking for an extension of time.
Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEOfulltimeseo
There was a big update yesterday from YT, all views providers were affected, so delivery of views could take a little bit longer than expected.

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