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Fiverr ScamFiverr ScamFiverr Supports Scam

What has happened to Fiverr’s Support Group? Fiverr Supports Scam is going to try and answer this question for you.

In this blog, I’ve outlined what Fiverr Support has been doing in my efforts to exposing this sleazy seller that goes by the handle name FullTimeSEO. In my previous blog, I’ve taken the transcript we used in the order form and outlined in great detail everyday’s events that occurred so you could see and judge for yourself if in fact, FullTimeSEO is a scammer based on my bad luck.

It high-lights every asspect of the gig I hired FullTimeSEO to accomplish and points out his deceiving practice and the threats he’s made against me and my livelihood. If you go back and review that blog Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO you’ll see exactly what Fiverrs Support personal sees. And that is what we’re going to review today.

I’m enclosing what Fiverr Support or lack there of is doing in this case. Hopefully you’ll see the true Fiverr in this blog and make up your mind if these are the types of people you want to conduct your business with. If anything, it should certainly raise some suspicion as to how Fiverr management is conducting their business these days.

It’s lengthy and I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to leave out any facts or detail so you could decide for yourself if Fiverr Supports Scam is in fact harboring scammers for their own benefit.

This is basically where I left off in my previous blog called Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO: If you haven’t read it yet, this blog might be a bit confusing to follow. It would be best to start with Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO and than come back to reading this blog.
This was the sellers latest response and why I submitted a Support Ticket:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo
If you value the safety of your video or your channel it would be best to leave this thing alone, just saying…

And now I know the first statement the seller used these exact words wasn’t just hear say, it was in fact a threat just as clearly as this one is.

At this point I reported the threat and abuse the seller had displayed in a Support Ticket. This is what I stated:

Me: Last Sunday at 00:33
Hi, I need support on a seller that’s been deceiving me on a gig I purchased from him. I tried to cancel this gig 3 days ago when he made a false statement about Youtube update and the gig would need to take longer than agreed. He didn’t agree to the cancelation and retracted the gig delay.
The seller than falsely stated the gig had been completed yesterday, when in fact it wasn’t even close to completion. When I confronted the seller about the incompletion, he stated it’ll get done within the next few hours. That was over 8 hours ago and nothing had been all day on the gig….not a single thing.
I tried cancelling it again just now when the seller refused and made a false statement about how I requested that he take his time on completion.
I’m sorry, but I just can’t work with people that lie to me and go back on their commitments over and over again.
His last message sounded like a treat also. Where he’ll report to Google about this gig he was working on and it’s TOS appliance.
I’m requesting that Fiverr please look into this sellers practice along with refunding my entire amount of money owned back to me.
Thank you


A few days past and no reply from support. Since I needed to continue working on this project I hired another seller to do the exact same job that FullTimeSEO wasn’t able to complete. That seller started the gig promptly and has been working on the gig every since.
Here is the message sent to Support:
Last Monday at 02:50
Hi, I need to make you aware that I can not afford to wait a day or longer where my newly released video sits idol. It will be the death of my business if customers don’t see an increase in viewership on these video releases they entrust me with. It is one of the most important aspects of my business that a newly released video gets high volume viewers at the beginning of the video release.
It is therefore important that I resume starting another gig with another seller immediately. This notice is to inform you of that fact.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Here is the reply I got from Support:
Fiverr Supports ScamSheana Last Monday at 19:35
Hi there,
Sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end and we do apologize if this response comes too late or if your issue was already resolved without us.
Could you please confirm the order number for us to check in on this issue?
Sheana – Fiverr Customer Support
So 2 days of waiting for support help, I need to send more info which I thought was included in the original form I filled out. But ok.

A day after hiring a new seller to complete the job fulltimeseo could complete, fulltimeseo sends this message.
Order complete!
What a joke this guy is. After 2 days of doing absolutely nothing, and after 1 day of the new seller starting the gig he’s taking credit for it. Unreal!
Here was my response:
Order was completed by another seller. You did jack _hit! and will get paid jack _hit for it.

And he replied once again with another Threat:
No, it wasn’t. You try to scam me. I really hope your video and channel doesn’t get deleted…

In which I sent another notice to Fiverr Support stating this fact.
Last Tuesday at 16:12
Please take note, today was the second time this Seller has threaten me and the livelihood I am trying to provide for my family. I do not take this lightly and I should hope Fiverr doesn’t either.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Here is the reply support sends me:
Fiverr Supports ScamSheana Last Tuesday at 22:55
Thank you for the order number. Could you please ask the seller to provide proof that they completed this order?
Sheana – Fiverr Customer Support
Now I have to say, after stating the fact that the seller has made 2 out-right threats against my livelyhood that Fiverr would have at least hi-lighted that fact in this latest message they sent. But instead they ask me to contact the seller and request information from him.
A little annoyed about that fact I sent this reply:
Last Tuesday at 23:22
I’m sorry, but I think I made it clear that I’m not going to deal with this seller in any way.
If you want prove from the seller, than you need to contact and ask him.
As far as I’m concerned, this job was suppose to be completed on March 27th. And in his statement on March 28th, he said it’ll be completed in a few hours. And it wasn’t. It never got completed by him.
I also wrote because you took forever in responding that I needed to hire another seller.
Are you not reading the information in the seller & buyers agreement on the order form that you requested??
If this task is to difficult for you, please hand it off to your supervisor.
Thank you
And here is the dumbest statement I’ve heard from a support personal to date. Only to be out done on a later date!
Fiverr Supports ScamSheana Yesterday at 02:00
I understand but seeing as the order is marked as Delivered and there is active communication, we cannot step in on cancelling this order. You will need to try to reach a mutual understanding with the seller before we can step in.
I do understand that our response time is delayed, but as mentioned, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end.
Sheana – Fiverr Customer Support
I doubt this person spent 3 minutes in reading the complete transcript and if by chance she did, she certainly can’t formulate the time line and events in her head that transpired. Completely incompetent.
Now I’m frustrated at having to deal with people of little IQ and Sheana certainly has one below average. I needed to escalate this. Here is what I asked:
Yesterday at 07:17
Please escalate this to your supervisor. You obviously can’t understand English nor follow a sequence that clearly shows the complete opposite of what your stating.

So here’s Fiverr solution to my problem….good ol’ Ronny!
Fiverr Supports ScamRon
Yesterday at 19:00
I looked into the issue which you are complaining about and found your complaint baseless. First of all, you bought a Gig which according to it’s Gig description, the seller has over 2 days to complete. Second of all, the seller has notified you that it will take him a bit more time and you did not ask him to cancel the Gig at that point, only at a later point when he delivered. You are also trying to teach the seller how to do the work which you hired him to do. Don’t you find that a bit odd? If you are not satisfied with the services which you have been buying from Fiverr sellers or from the support which you have been getting, we will be glad to close your account for you.
Ron – Fiverr Customer Support
A couple of RED FLAGS seem to fly high on this message. First, no where in Ronny’s description does it state he’s a supervisor in the Support group. It just states Fiverr Customer Support as his title. I’m guessing that Fiverr has supervisors that call out their titles in the description.
Second, I’m a bit surprised on the tone a Supervisor would use on a customer that has spent boo-coo bucks in gig’s at Fiverr for over the last year. I almost certainly doubt that Fiverr as a company driven by repeated customers service would tolerate or even hire an employee that spoke in this type of tone. Needless to say, ask them to leave Fiverr with the revenues I’ve brought them.
With this in mind I replied in this manner:
Yesterday at 20:01
First of all Ronny, I asked for Sheana superior or a supervisor to handle this issue. Are you either of those? If you’re not, why are you wasting my time.
Second, you seem unable to follow a timeline. The events that happened in the transcript and how it happened certainly proves the seller never delivered the gig on time or at all. And certainly admits it in the transcript as well.
And if that is a fact, please have the seller prove it on March 27th when the gig was due!!
And finally, the fact that the seller made 2 threatening statements towards my livelihood certainly should raise a flag and yet, you don’t even seem phased about this fact. I’m gonna have to bring that fact up in the forums.
So once again and a day later, I’m requesting a supervisor to take up this issue.
Here’s how little Ronny replied:
Fiverr Supports ScamRon
Yesterday at 23:03
1) I am.
2) Nowhere has the seller made a threatening statement towards you. This is another false accusation.
3) Like I wrote you previously, we will be glad to close your account for you if you are not satisfied with our service.
Ron – Fiverr Customer Support
Seeing such dumb-fondness in what Ronny wrote I blew a gasket. Couldn’t be helped. After seeing him write:
“Nowhere has the seller made a threatening statement towards you. This is another false accusation.”
Accusing me of basically lying!!! No way am I going to let that stick.
Here’s my reply:
Yesterday at 23:39
Well Ronny, no where’s on your title does it state your a manager of any type.
So I’m requesting that this support ticket gets escalate to a supervisor that has a manager title associated to it.
And I hope you’re the last moron I have to deal with at Fiverr!
Oh, just so you know, your dumb commits are going to get Tweeted, sent out on Facebook, Google+, and I’m going to write a complete blog about you also on my website and how Fiverr support has lost touch with reality.
You’re going to be famous Ronny! For being the laughing stock at Fiverr…..=;o)

So there you have it. My experience with Fiverr Support. How they turned this whole tragic experience on it’s head and pretty much out right blame me for bringing this saint of a seller to their attention. To think you go into this knowing you’re completely in the right and Fiverr Support dismisses your every claim and calls you a liar to a degree.

After raising it’s premium by 10% in the last quarter you’d think that Fiverr would  have hired Support personal that had some intelligence’s. But this clearly shows their Support personal have no business dealing with customers of this complexity. And this seemed very straight foreword to me. I’m betting if you read this to a 3rd grader they could fully grasp the faulty party and state the faults made. But these two idiots at Fiverr don’t have a clue.

I’m going to take a wild guess here to see if perhaps the huge back log Fiverr displays in their Support webpage is not relevant to the clueless idiots working in that department. It makes sense when you think that every case that goes in the Support group for review gets this type of verdict. The customer must come back over and over again to try and explain the obvious to these idiots. The cases must go on forever and new one’s added  on top of those everyday. The pile of shit in that Support group has to be high enough to hit the fan soon. And than perhaps some clarity will come to a department that clearly needs an over-haul.

So what is your verdict? Is Fiverr Supports Scam or not? If you have had similar experience with Fiverr and want to share it on this blog, please feel free in sharing it. I’d like to get as much input from people that have experienced similar situation. Contact me by email at

If you want to support this effort please leave a commit. You might want to read what others are saying about this on the Fiverr Forum. The link is Fiverr Supports A Scam

Oh, this gets even better than I could have imagined. I just finished researching the Sellers actives on Fiverr and found that fulltimeseo actually purchased his Level 2 Status on Fiverr. Read about what I discovered and how easy it was for fulltimeseo to obtaining his Level 2 Status on Fiverr. Go here: Buying My Level 2

Fiverr Supports ScamA little foot note:
If you’re wondering where I got this image,
it comes from the “Webster Dictionary” under
the definition “Moron”.
I wonder if Ronny looks anything like this duce-bag?

4 thoughts on “Fiverr Supports Scam”

  1. Wow. What an awful experience. I can totally understand why you would feel so upset. I can’t believe a representative of a company would ever speak to a customer the way you were spoken to. It’s shameful and antagonistic. This person’s job is to resolve problems but from the language in his response, you would think his goal was to insult you, start a fight with you and create more of a problem. Ugh. It infuriates me to no end that more and more — no matter how much or how little you pay–customer service seems to be less and less important. I think it’s great that you took the time to create this blog and I hope Fiverr takes note of it and responds appropriately.

    One note. As justified as your anger is, you should never resort to name calling or insulting the intelligence of the agents you are speaking to. It doesn’t get you anywhere and there will be a lot of people who will read your story and find you at fault because of it. (Personally, I think you sound like a reasonable guy who lost his temper because he was being treated unfairly.)

    A quick note about my own experience… I’m in the midst of my first Fiverr experience, it started well and has gone down hill. Fiverr customer service has stepped in and I am hoping things will get better. I was incredibly surprised though that I had to send in two letters to their resolution center and finally had to tweet them before I was able to make progress.

    1. Thank you for you support Steve. And you’re right, I shouldn’t have used the word “Moron” when I was dealing with Ronny. It just frustrated me to the breaking point when he started accusing me. After I wrote it however, it seemed silly because I realized everyone who reads that transcript must think it anyways, No need in having me point out the obvious.
      So I apologize to those that take offense in my testosterone rage against Ronny. It should never have spiked to the name calling point.

  2. Yep, it seems like Fiverr loves the scammers. Just think for a sec, when someone violates the ToS they disable their account. And if Fiverr doesn’t feel obligated to give them their money, they get to keep it… Since the person violated the ToS Fiverr doesn’t have to give them the money. Which, I’m not saying the scammer deserves it in the first place, just that this is why Fiverr likes scammers.

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