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Fiverr Scam Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEO

Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEO

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Is Fiverr becoming a scam harbor? Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is going to try and answer this question for us. FullTimeSEO is a seller on Fiverr that I had the unfortunate luck of hiring him to provide what Fiverr calls a gig. Just another name for job, project, or a task.

I’ve outlined everydays events in this blog. It’s lengthy and I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the facts so you could decide for yourself if Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO is in fact a scam or not.

I have been a member of Fiverr for well over a year. I’ve had some learning curves in the beginning on how to choose the right seller for the right gig I was trying to do. And I have always looked for honesty which is vital in a business transaction. Fiverr made it easy with their transcript that followed every order, step by step.There was never the ability of hiding the truth when it was all written down in plan sight for all to see.

During my period with Fiverr I have meet some very intelligent people and learned a lot about choosing the proper sellers for all my gigs. Life was good at Fiverr and would seemed to stay so for all times I had thought.

But that all changed in the last week when unfortunately I had hired the wrong seller who goes by the handle fulltimeseo in a gig I needed. I had used him twice before and even given fulltimeseo 5 stars for his services on both occasions. However, this time around fulltimeseo seemed out of his element in the gig I hired him for. I had paid extra for some new add on’s to the normal gig in which he started showing difficulties in performing from the start.

The first sign was asking for an extension of time.
Fiverr Scam  FullTimeSEOfulltimeseo
There was a big update yesterday from YT, all views providers were affected, so delivery of views could take a little bit longer than expected.

To which I replied:

Thanks for the heads up. Could you send me info links on this change that you’ve read so I understand the issue and concerns that might arise. I like keeping on top of things.

Here is the sellers response:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

Youtube does updates regularly, no need to worry. I have hundreds of orders to complete each day, which leaves no time to send links to everybody, sorry.

This response concerned me so I did a research on what the seller claimed had happened at Youtube. After more than an hour of searching, I found nothing on the internet that suggested Youtube had done any updates that would cause the delays the seller pointed out. With that in mind, I reviewed the sellers day performance and found it wasn’t performing all day. He hadn’t done a thing all day. I left the seller the following message:

Listen, I haven’t seen one additional view added today. In fact, 41 views were retracted today.If this gig doesn’t improve when I wake up tomorrow morning, I’m cancelling it.

Here is the sellers reply:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

Yeah? So what? I still have 2 days to finish the order, it doesn’t way WHEN they are delivered. View delivery while there’s an update will get your video or even your channel deleted. So I’d better wait if I were you.

This attitude and tone seemed a bit harsh, but what really stuck out was the sub-line of what seemed as an under toning threat. But I read it a few times and sifted my opinion to a neutral ground in hopes he was trying to warn me of Youtube TOS dangers.

The next morning came with no additional progression in the gig. It had stayed idol for over 19 hours and actually lost views if that’s possible during that time period. I decided to wait the morning out and see if any changes take place just to be fair. Just before noon time I had to cancel the gig to keep my business schedule on track. Here is my second attempt in resolving this issue using the Resolution Center and what I wrote just before noon time.

The seller has stopped adding the important views I requested be added from the start of this gig. He needed to add views everyday in order for my video to look natural. It’s a new video and needed views right from the start. It will be impossible for the seller to make the deadline of this gig and not raise a red flag with Youtube because of the large amount of views still needed. I need this gig to stop so that I’m able to hire another seller at once that can add the views as I’ve requested.

The seller rejected the cancellation again and added these two comments:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

This is incorrect. Nowhere is stated that I need to deliver views every day.

Order will be completed within the deadline as agreed.

At this point the seller begun doing the job. I was finally going to see results as I expected and didn’t have to find another seller to complete this task. All seemed well and good.

Two days later however the seller signed off on stating the job had been completed within the Fiverr time script we all use. That however wasn’t even close to the truth and so I confronted the seller with this:

This order isn’t even close to being completed!! The seller hasn’t completed the job yet and it’s a day past the deadline. I’m requesting a full refund. Thank you

The seller replied with this comment:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

It’s 90% complete. Will be completed in a few hours.
Unfortunately the seller wasn’t even 70% complete and the job was a day late now. But more importantly was nothing was being done on the job. It went completely dead once again. I figured after reading my message the seller would surely continue and complete the job as quickly as possible. After all, he did say it’ll be complete in a few hours.
Well, 7 hours later and not a single change in the gig had occurred so I once again used the Resolution Center and sent this message.

Not a single thing has been done on this gig after the seller committed to finishing the job in a few hours….that was 7 hours ago! This is ridiculous. The seller hasn’t completed the gig on 2 commitments he’s made now. I request that Fiverr Support gets involved and releases the money back to me so that I’m able in finding a new seller that can actually do the work I’ve requested. Please refund my full amount ASAP. Thank you

To which point the seller responded with this:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

What are you talking about??? Everything has been delivered, only 520 views are still missing, which are dripping in safely as you wanted?

You are clearly trying to scam me and I will report you.

Clearly if you’ve been following this it would seem obvious to you that no where have I ever stated or impressed upon that this gig should be completed in a dripping or in a slow fashion as the seller states. If anything, I believe I have stressed the importance of quickly finishing this gig. Also, the number the seller states which remained incomplete is completely wrong. He’s missing a “1” and guess where it goes?

Because the seller continued to make false accusations about this gig and me I pretty much had my fill of his deceptive ways. This was my message to the Resolution Center.

Fiverr support, Please be informed that this seller is making false statements about me in order to justify his very delinquent gig. It is obvious he’s been deceiving from the start when he claimed the gig was completed yesterday and it wasn’t even close to completion. Now he’s making claims I requested it continue on a slow pace which is another lie. I’m sorry Fiverr, but I can’t work nor deal with deceptive people like this. I request that Fiverr support resubmits a full refund for this gig and give this seller warning that such deceptive practices aren’t allowed on Fiverr. I no longer want to hear from this seller or communicate with him. Thank you.

This was the sellers response:
Fiverr Scamfulltimeseo

If you value the safety of your video or your channel it would be best to leave this thing alone, just saying…

And now I know the first statement the seller used these exact words wasn’t just hear say, it was in fact a threat just as clearly as this one is.

I hope you were able to follow along OK on Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO. I color coded the transcript in hopes it would make it easier to understanding who’s writing what in this long 5 day occurrence. I also thought adding the little dirt-bags photo along side his nonsense comments would help give you a visual as I was seeing it.

Next I’m going to include the responses I’ve been getting from Fiverr Support through this whole ordeal.¬† You’re not going to believe the replies, because frankly, I still can’t grasp their input. Totally mind blogging.

Here is the link to how the Fiverr Support Group has responded Fiverr Scam FullTimeSEO: Fiverr Supports Scam

Here is the link to Fiverr’s Forum were I wrote this article:
Fiverr Forum



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