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This page, Fiverr Non-Scammers is dedicated to the wonderful people that offer their services and goods at Fiverr. Their are hundreds if not thousands of fine folks at Fiverr that sell their services or goods to buyers as myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a few friends on Fiverr after doing some business with them. The majority of these folks are honest and hard working individuals. I mean, where are you going to find deals at $5 bucks that have real value associated with it. And there are some great values to be had at Fiverr if you do your research and locate the appropriate sellers.

So I wanted to give these fine people from Fiverr Non-Scammers a voice on this blog as well. It wouldn’t be fair to just bash out on only the bad apples at Fiverr and leave a sour taste about Fiverr in everyone’s mouth. My friends and associates that I’ve dealt with at Fiverr deserve better than that. So I’m going to make a short list of sellers that I would highly recommend that have treated me with respect and have always completed the gig’s on time with the highest quality in mind. I’d also invite anyone else that has used Fiverr for awhile to list their sellers as well. My request would be that you’ve used these sellers several times with exceptional outcome and value. You can use the comment section for the sellers you’d like to endorse here on Fiverr Non-Scammers.

Here is my short list of outstanding sellers on Fiverr:

Fiverr Non ScammersPurchaseviews

Hello. I’m Yogev, an online marketing professional with 4 years hands on experience. I’ve been doing Youtube Marketing since 2010 and have become extremely proficient in that arena. If you’re looking for the highest quality and the quantity to get your Google rankings increased, i’m the guy for you.

Fiverr Non Scammerssrishet123

Hi I have 10+ years of experience as a graphic designer with especially in LOGO section.  Make design any kind logo 2D/3D as well.


Fiverr Non Scammers GAURAV786

I am professional WordPress expert with more than 3 years experience in configuring and fixing WordPress issue. I will create new website on wordpress, migrate blogger to wordpress, optimize wordpress speed.

Fiverr Non Scammersmacedon

I am Experienced Web Designer & Developer in WordPress and OpenCart. Have developed plugins and extensions and made, designed and moved many sites. Most of the day I am online. 🙂
A better communication makes a better deal and a quality service. Leave me a message anytime.:)

Fiverr Non Scammersefpierce

I have been a paid writer for almost 20 years based in the United States. Writing is my passion and it shows in every piece of work I produce. I write blog posts and web copy as well as commentary, reviews and almost anything else you can think of.

Fiverr Non Scammerskymmypops

I’m Kate from the UK. I have over 3 years experience on Fiverr, completed 13,500+ orders, worked over 10,000 wonderful customers and maintained a 100% positive rating. I’m an actress, presenter, model, gamer and youtuber.
If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it ♥

Fiverr Non Scammerozzieuk

Official Fiverr Ambassador, Top Rated Seller and Super Seller!!! 100% Positive feedback, 13,000+ Orders Completed and all round good egg from Great Britain.

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