Fiverr Multiple User Scam

Fiverr ScamFiverr ScamFiverr Multiple User Scam

Fiverr Multiple User Scam is basically about users utilizing multiple accounts to achieve greater sales. We uncovered one such seller, called fulltimeseo.

But first the good news. Justice does prevail at times for does of us that march on. Fiverr came to it’s senses after being told an FTC complaint would be filed against them in allowing Sellers that have been exposed to utilizing scamming practice.
When Fiverr read that notice on the Support Ticket, things starting moving in the proper direction as it should have over a week ago when the scammer was brought to their attention.
I had received an apology letter from Fiverr outlining that the manager who refused to investigate the scammers practice and virtually calling me the problem and falsely making claims against one of their money making machines had been dealt with in a proper manner in house.

Fiverr Supports ScamFiverr Multiple User Scam – If by chance you submit a support ticket and this image of the support representative shows up, RUN! Or ask immediately for another support representative to help you out. Mention you read about my experience in this blog and you don’t feel he’s qualified in helping customers with their issues. If you missed the article, go here: Fiverr Supports Scam


Fiverr had said they were going to credit all the funds I paid into the gig and hoped it was now satisfa